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C6000/6300/6500 S Series

Liquid Eye’s game changing C6000S series is shaking up the world of splash housings with tough, full featured, compact water housings built for the revolutionary Sony α6000, α6300 and α6500 cameras. Small in size and price, but huge in features, the C6000S series is enabling surf photographers to go places that have long been thought too difficult or dangerous to pull off.


C2050 Series

Our Standard water housings are for Canon©, Nikon©, Sony© and Panasonic© photographers that don’t use camera back controls, but would like the option to add those controls later. Standard housings are otherwise identical to our Advanced water housings in every way. Whether it’s our Model C2100 or our Model C2050 the Standard option is available for those without the need or budget for Advanced controls.

C2060 Series

Mirrorless cameras are a game changer in the world of water photography. They are small, light and loaded with amazing features and specifications– that’s a fact! At Liquid Eye we decided that rather than adapting one of our existing models to these small form factor cameras, we would design a water housing optimized to take advantage of these camera’s size and features! We selected the Sony α7 and α9 models as are starting point. They are among the best in their class for options and performance available in the market. As an added bonus, we have also adapted the C2060 to the Sony α6×00 series cameras, while retaining most of the features available on our ultra-small form C6x00 series housings.  The advantage is a much broader range of supported lenses and manual zoom control.


C2100 Series

Liquid Eye’s Advanced housings offer you maximum control over your camera during your photo-shoot, with state of the art engineering, ergonomics and materials of construction. Our Advanced models are available for the C2100 and C2050.

C1794 XII & C1893 Series

Our Expert line of housings are built to the most exacting standards for the most demanding professionals working in the toughest conditions. Designed for the Canon© 1Dx, 1Dx MkII and the Nikon© D5, these housings are paired with our L-LP port system and support a wide range of Canon©, Nikon© and other third party lenses.

About Liquid Eye

Established in 1995, Liquid Eye is a European based company that builds splash water housings for Canon®, Nikon®, Sony© ans Panasonic© DLSRs.
Our core market was and continues to be water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite boarding, wakeboarding, wave skiing, sailing and power boating.
Liquid Eye was started by a professional water sports photographer Philippe Chevodian. A perfectionist by nature, Philippe felt the need to improve upon the water housings that were available at the time. Philippe began innovating and designing his own water housings to meet his exacting standards and requirements.
As an editorial photographer he travelled the world searching for new waves. During this period Philippe was constantly improving and perfecting his equipment, which attracted the attention of fellow photographers who began asking Phil to build them water housings—so began Liquid Eye.
Our production is essentially centered on ergonomics, functionality, as well as weight and volume earnings, all the key factors in optimizing gear for action water photography.
Our products are conceived and designed by professional photographers- that is the key of Liquid Eye’s success.

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The key of Liquid Eye’s success is that our water housings are conceived and designed by professional photographers.
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